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I have been involved in Child Abuse cases since 1992, when I later met Lena Casper. She was a Case Coordinator and later a Senior Case Coordinator for the Children's Advocacy Center. Lena is one of the best forensic interviewers in the business. Over time, we requested her for our most serious cases with children that were silenced by trauma because she has a way about her that reaches these children. Lena was always willing to respond any time of the day or night. Her work product was and is outstanding, precise and articulates the case in an easy to follow manner. Her courtroom testimony remains the same and is a welcome addition to the prosecution of these cases.

- Investigator Steve White
Volusia County Sheriff's Office (retired)
I have known Lena Casper for thirty years. I was employed at the State Attorney's Office in Jacksonville as head of the Victim Advocate program when I met her. Clearly, her exposure to the criminal justice system in her early professional life sparked something in her because she went on to work in child protective services in Volusia and Flagler Counties. During her employment with them, she established an excellent reputation as a forensic interviewer and as an expert witness. After twenty years of employment with CPT and CAC, she has now decided to venture out on her own. Lena is honest, diligent, and committed to her services. Her reports are thorough and helpful. The fact that she has successfully dealt with children, teens, and adults with issues ranging from sexual abuse to homicide attests to the breadth of her experience. Her knowledge of the criminal justice system and child services is only exceeded by her professionalism. I do not hesitate to recommend the services of her company. She would be an asset to any court case.

- Linda Bertani
Bertani Thomas Inc
I have had the privilege of working with Lena for the past decade and have found her forensic services an extremely valuable benefit for cases involving children's issues. She has served as an expert witness in child abuse cases and has a commanding knowledge of her subject matter material and presents very professionally on the stand. Outside the courtroom, she is a very effective trainer and a wonderful consultant. I wholeheartedly recommend Lena for all aspects of consulting and forensic case work involving issues related to victims and witnesses of abuse, assault, crime & other significant trauma events.

- Donald Frenette
Assistant General Counsel at Florida Statewide Guardian ad Litem Office
Lena Casper has helped countless children find their voices. A tireless advocate and never ending source of comfort, Lena has led the way in forensic interviews of child victims. For more than 20 years, Lena has helped children conquer their fears, name their abuser, and overcome the violence. During my career, I have worked with many talented and devoted individuals. Lena Casper ranks chief among them.
For the last decade I have served as an Assistant State Attorney, prosecuting homicides and crimes against children. More than three of those years, I had the pleasure of working with Lena Casper. Her work at the Children's Advocacy Center was second to none.
It is truly my pleasure to recommend Lena Casper for her forensic interview technique; for the spirit and vigor she daily demonstrates; and the support that she extends to her child victims. Without Lena Casper the world would be a darker place, one without justice and accountability, one without closure and compassion. Lena Casper is an asset to any organization and the people she serves.

- Ryan Will
Trial Attorney at Morgan & Morgan, P.A.
Previously: Assistant State Attorney; Homicide Investigations Unit at Office of the State Attorney, 7th Judicial Circuit
During the course of my 20 year career at the DeLand Police Department, I had the pleasure of working with Lena Casper on many felony Child Abuse, Lewd & Lascivious and Sexual Battery type cases involving children. Her professional skills as a forensic interviewer for the Children's Advocacy Center were critical in the prosecution of these cases, some of which were capital cases. Her professional courtroom demeanor, presentation and testimony were very key points in the prosecution of these cases. As a Detective investigating these crimes, often physical evidence was lacking and I had to base my case on her skillful interviews and courtroom testimony. Later as a Sergeant and Lieutenant, I utilized her knowledge and skills in teaching the mandated CJST course Juvenile Sex Offender in-service training for police officers several different times at the DeLand Police Department.

- Lieutenant David Heinig
DeLand Police Department (retired)
Lena is an exceptional person. Attention to detail, integrity and a willingness to go above and beyond are only a few of her attributes. I have seen her work since the early 1990's. Each and every time I dealt with her, I was confident that her level of proficiency was at a high level and that I could count on her.

- Councilman Gary Conroy
District 4 - City of Edgewater, Florida
Edgewater Police Department - Police / Detective (retired)
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